Day: September 3, 2020

City to help tourism bounce back

By Bulelwa Payi Time of article publishedAug 30, 2020

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AS the country gears itself for Tourism Month in September, the City of Cape Town has unveiled plans to help the sector bounce back from the Covid-19 lockdown repercussions.

The plans include a focus on domestic travel and the establishment of a dedicated team to re-imagine tourism and help the sector regain its market share in the highly competitive global market.

Mayco member for economic opportunities and tourism, James Vos, said during a webinar this week, a great effort was made to ensure domestic travel resumed within the set safety parameters.

“Our role is to make sure Cape Town remains a popular tourist destination, but also that we’re ready to deal with anything in these unprecedented times. “We need to save jobs,” Vos said.

An impact survey carried out after the start of the

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United CEO says air travel demand will roar back once there’s a vaccine

United Airlines president Scott Kirby speaking in Chicago, Illinois, June 5, 2019.

Kamil Krzaczynski | Reuters

Watch United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby walk through the company’s O’Hare airport hub and two things jump out.

First, there are so few customers in the terminal that Kirby calls it “surreal” to see one of the world’s busiest airports so quiet.

Second, there is a steady stream of United employees asking Kirby about the state of the business. 

“How are we looking?” one United ramp worker asked him.

“We’ve got a tough year ahead until there’s a vaccine,” Kirby answered. “The good news is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

This is the world of Kirby a little over 100 days into his tenure as CEO. Despite aggressive cost cuts, United is still burning through an estimated $40 million every single day. The airline has parked about 40%

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The Moment Aubrey Plaza Knew April and Andy Would Become a Couple

Parks and Recreation is overflowing with incredible characters. Michael Schur’s TV show has one of the most lovable ensembles, due to all these exaggerated and opposing personalities being placed together in one room.

It can easily be argued that Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate are the best characters in the series. This is in part due to how hilarious the characters are every time they’re on-screen. When these two aren’t making us burst with laughter, they’re melting our hearts with their adorable relationship. According to Aubrey Plaza, she could pinpoint the exact moment when she knew Andy and April had a potential future together. Think you can guess the moment?

Andy and April from 'Parks and Recreation'
April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer | Tyler Golden via Getty Images

Why Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate work as a couple 

It’s common for sitcoms to rely on the “will they won’t they” trope between leading romantic interests. This helps

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The Recreation Economy Isn’t As Resilient As We Thought

Mike Bennett, the city manager of Fruita, Colorado, was camped out at 18 Road, a popular mountain-bike trailhead, when I called him on a Tuesday morning last spring. Over the howl of desert wind, he told me that the place was pretty much empty. “I’m staring around in the dispersed area, there’s no one here,” he said.

Spring is usually a high season for this western Colorado town. Bikers flood the area after ski resorts close and before temperatures spike. Bennett says they’ve historically seen a 25 percent rise in sales-tax revenue each spring and fall, thanks to visitors. And over the past few years, as the area has focused on recreation, that revenue has gone up a further 12 percent year over year.

But in 2020, as COVID-19 cases climbed across the country, Fruita and other outdoor hot spots across the West began telling people not to come, shutting

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