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When one of our World Travel Hacker duos experienced a flight cancellation, the Guarantee

When one of our World Travel Hacker duos experienced a flight cancellation, the Guarantee came to the rescue. Read about this and get more budget travel tips here

It’s time for another installment of World Travel Hackers action! Two of our travel-savvy couples come to the end of their journeys, one of them bags the cheapest accommodation in Thailand, and meanwhile, another trip starts with a nightmare scenario: a flight cancellation. Luckily, the Guarantee was on hand to help…

6 things to know about Southeast Asia

Loved-up Bia and Miles concluded their four weeks as World Travel Hackers. But it’s not all sad news; their parting gift was a summary of their experience in the form of six fun facts, travel hacks, and generally useful pieces of information for anyone thinking of taking a trip to Southeast Asia.

  1. Whatever form of public transport you find yourself taking when you get there, it’s going to be a rocky ride(!).
  2. At approximately 84 years, Singapore boasts the highest life expectancy in the world.
  3. There are around 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand.
  4. You’ll eat the most interesting food in Southeast Asia. You might not be able to figure out exactly what it is, but it’ll be delicious.
  5. All Balinese people are called one of just four names according to their order of birth: Wayan, Made, Nyoman, or Ketut.
  6. Don’t spend money on bottled water in Singapore. Tap water is perfectly drinkable and restaurants will give you it for free.

Quite the success story, this cash-conscious couple ended up spending less of their €10,000 budget than they thought they would: just €6,533! Check out the detailed breakdown of their expenses in the video below — truly formidable travel-hacking.

Peace and love, bye!

Get cheap accommodation in Thailand through

Meanwhile, Mily and Bety also made it to Southeast Asia, to Thailand, specifically. They took on the challenge of staying at the cheapest accommodation they could find via (Yes, this is something else you can book with us! Just click on ‘Rooms’ at the top of the homepage to get started.) How much did the girls spend in total on five nights’ board across the country? Watch this to find out…

How much does it cost to get to Rainbow Mountain?

Rafail and Thanasis landed in Lima, the Peruvian capital, for the final part of their Latin American adventure. Here, they decided to get the locals’ opinions on what to expect to pay for some living essentials: a data SIM card package and a meal in a cheap restaurant; as well as an entire trip to Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) via Cusco and back.

Our Greek boys tried to secure a better deal for each estimation they were quoted, picked up some more travel hacks along the way, and rounded off their entire experience with a well-deserved hike up the spectacular Rainbow Mountain. A literally breathtaking sight, but as Rafail remarked, the altitude sickness is “100% worth it”.

Tick Cusco and Rainbow Mountain off your own bucket list — browse our cheap flight deals now.

The Guarantee saves Orshi and PG’s trip

Meet Orshi from Hungary and her husband, PG! Their mega-trip got off to a bit of an uneasy start; they were supposed to have a 24-hour layover in Mallorca on their way from Budapest to South America, but their first flight was canceled, late at night at the last minute. Yep — anyone would struggle not to panic.

Fortunately, their booking was protected by the Guarantee, which meant that put them on the next possible flight out of Budapest so that they’d make it in time for their subsequent flights. Their long layover was ultimately cut to just eight hours, but that didn’t stop these guys from getting the absolute most out of this Balearic beauty — exploring the city of Palma, trying local food, and, naturally, hitting the beach.

Read more about the Guarantee, our ultimate Superman hack, here.

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