Why Next 2-3 Years Is The Best Time To View The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, attracts lakhs of visitors each year to countries such

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, attracts lakhs of visitors each year to countries such as Finland, Canada, and Norway among others. However, let us tell you that the next few years are probably the best time to go and witness these lights? Here’s why. By Anushka Goel

The Aurora Borealis is a mesmerising phenomenon. The flashes of luminescent lights that pierce through the sky are a marvel to look at, especially on a cold, dark night. Each year, lakhs of visitors travel to the few countries where the Northern Lights can be seen – Iceland, Finland, and Canada being just some of them.

What’s more, over the last one week, people in the northern Scandinavian region have witnessed what may be one of the strongest of these lights over the year. But this is just the beginning? These lights are only set to get stronger over the next couple of years, according to researchers.

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Why the next 2-3 years are the best to witness the Northern Lights

Best places to see Northern lights
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According to experts, the multi-coloured spectacle is only set to get bigger, brighter and better, as the sun’s activity increases in the coming years. The Solar cycle is kicking off, which means that the sightings of the northern (and southern) lights will only increase. Glimpses of this have already been visible in Tromsø, writes Forbes, reporting that the skies were filled with not just the typical green lights, but rarer pinks and purples, too.

The sun not only emits light but it also has an atmosphere filled with charged particles and magnetic fields. And as the sun’s activity increases and this high-speed solar wind blows over the planet, the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the sun deflect each other. However, this magnetic field is the weakest at the poles, which is why these lights form in the atmosphere.

2022 has been a year filled with spectacular natural aurora borealis lights, and a report in The Conversation states that not just closer to the poles, these lights have also been seen in northern England. This is proof that solar activity is increasing, leading to bigger, better sightings.

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