Tourists from Australia among 34 people rescued after Bali tourist boat hits object and capsizes

Read in Bahasa Indonesia Two Australian residents were among a group of tourists left floating in open

Read in Bahasa Indonesia

Two Australian residents were among a group of tourists left floating in open waters off Bali after their boat capsized due to a leak.

Footage circulated on social media showed people in the choppy sea wearing life jackets while half of the boat was already underwater near the Port of Sanur on Tuesday afternoon.

The Kebo Iwa Express was about 25 minutes into its trip from Nusa Penida to Sanur when it sprang a leak and sank, 2 nautical miles from Sanur, according Maruti Group Fast Boats, the tour company that owns the vessel.

Kadek Ariana, the manager of the company, told the ABC there were 28 tourists aboard along with six crew members, including the captain.

Two Australian residents — a man and a woman from Victoria — were among the passengers aboard the Kebo Iwa Express, he confirmed to the ABC.

A group of tourists stand near luggage, with a woman and a man hugging as others sit nearby looking at mobile devices.
Passengers from Australia, Russia, Ukraine and India were rescued by nearby ships.(Supplied: Antara Foto/Fikri Yusuf)

They are now back in their hotel in Pecatu.

Mr Ariana said here was a leak that most likely caused the boat to sink.

“There is a possibility it hit hard objects or branches and water entered the boat,” he said.

Mr Ariana said the ship was in proper condition and hade made a trip from Sanur to Penida before the incident.

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Among the passengers were tourists from Australia, Russia, Ukraine and India, Mr Ariana told the ABC.

Bali’s National Search and Rescue agency head Gede Darmada said all passengers and crew had been rescued by four ships in the area.

“Everyone was evacuated safely by nearby ships,” he said.

“The boat is still at the scene. We couldn’t recover it yet.”

During the rescue, the weather was “extreme” with strong winds, the agency said.

A young man and woman hug while another young man and woman sit nearby looking at mobile devices.
Everyone aboard made it safely back to land.(Supplied: Antara Foto/Fikri Yusuf)

Tourists hit by broken glass

In a separate incident on Monday, six tourists were injured after their boat was hit by waves in waters off Nusa Penida.

Broken glass pieces hit passengers, especially those sitting in the front seats.

The Tanis Ranger was on its way from the Port of Tanjung Sanghyang to the Port of Sanur.