Tourism Australia supports the future of women’s Indigenous football with Women’s World Cup trip

No one can be left with any doubt that the 2023 Women’s World Cup has

No one can be left with any doubt that the 2023 Women’s World Cup has completely transformed how women’s sport is viewed by Aussies.

Whilst previously seen as a side event to men’s football, women’s football is now (thanks to the Matildas) firmly standing centre stage. For the first time in history, young boys and young girls will grow up watching both male and female sports teams.

The great news for Australian tourism is this creates a whole new industry – something Tourism Australia has already picked up on and is supporting.

Back in July, it released a special instalment of its global ‘Come and Say G’day’ campaign, which featured around the world in key international tourism markets participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

The ad also featured rising stars from Queensland Indigenous Football’s young women’s team who were featured playing kickabout under a starry night sky on a Gold Coast beach.

Last month, Tourism Australia, invited the very same young football team to the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane where they could watch Brazil vs France in person.

The team, alongside press, spent a night in the luxury Hotel X in Brisbane’s trendy Fortitude Valley.

The hotel features not only a rooftop pool but it is also home to the popular Iris Bar – one of Brisbane’s most exclusive events venues.

Rooftop Pool – Hotel X Brisbane.

The true highlight for the team, however, was watching the match from a box within the stadium. Not only did they have an incredible view, but they also enjoyed a delicious three-course meal along with drinks.

With a large Brazilian community in Brisbane, the atmosphere was electric, with many claiming the crowd was even louder than when the Matildas themselves played at the stadium.

With many of the Queensland team hoping to play on the international stage in the near-future, it was certainly a day to remember!