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Travel enthusiasts have been buzzing with excitement over a clever Google Flight trick that recently

Travel enthusiasts have been buzzing with excitement over a clever Google Flight trick that recently went viral on TikTok. A popular travel influencer, who goes by the name Around the Atlas, shared a video revealing a little-known Google “cheat code” for finding the most affordable flights to destinations worldwide.

Unlocking affordable adventures: TikTok's Google Flights hack goes viral (Image courtesy: Google)
Unlocking affordable adventures: TikTok’s Google Flights hack goes viral (Image courtesy: Google)

In just one day, her video has garnered over 4 million views and over 201,000 saves as people prepared to try out this hack for themselves.

The British influencer began by asking her followers, “Did I just unlock a cheat code or did everyone know about this?” She went on to explain the simple steps: First, go to Google and search for ‘Google Flights.’ On the Google Flights website, input your starting location. Then instead of specifying a destination, type ‘anywhere’ in the destination field. Leave the departure and return dates blank, then click on the ‘explore’ button.

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Excitedly filming her laptop screen, the TikToker showcased a range of destinations with remarkably low airfares. She marveled at the incredible prices, such as a return flight from London to Barcelona for just £26 ($31) and £54 ($65) to Budapest.

She also highlighted long-haul flights to the US, like a £336 ($408) fare to New York. While she mentioned the need to adhere to specific travel dates, she was still amazed at the affordability, particularly for international journeys.

Some viewers were familiar with Google Flights but were unaware of the ‘anywhere hack.’ One person commented, “I travel a lot and always use google flights. didn’t know this ‘to anywhere’ though, thanks.”

Another user mentioned that using incognito mode could make the fares even cheaper, and a third recommended searching for flights on Tuesday or Wednesday around midnight, as well as using incognito mode for better deals.

However, not all comments were overwhelmingly positive. Some users pointed out that while the flights were inexpensive, the timing might not always be convenient, often involving inconvenient departure times and multiple layovers.

Several users mentioned that Skyscanner and Kayak also offer similar features for finding budget-friendly flights. The influencer herself shared her preference for Skyscanner but noted that it sometimes displays less value-oriented flights due to advertisements.

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In addition to the ‘anywhere hack,’ Google Flights now offers insights into the best times to book trips. Utilizing “reliable trend data,” this new feature informs users whether prices are currently inflated or discounted. For instance, it may suggest that the optimal time to book similar trips is typically two months before departure.

Users can also activate price tracking to receive automatic notifications when fares significantly drop for their chosen destinations and dates.

These notifications are sent via email, provided the users are registered with Google. For travelers with flexible schedules, enabling “any dates” will result in emails about deals available anytime within the next three to six months.

Furthermore, Google Flights provides a “price guarantee” badge for specific flights, indicating Google’s confidence that the fare will not decrease. This newfound feature empowers travelers with valuable information to make informed booking decisions.

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