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Travelers who choose to visit this small & quaint town in the Caribbean are in

Travelers who choose to visit this small & quaint town in the Caribbean are in for a very costly surprise–expenses averaging $1,852 a day.

Sandy beaches, high-end boutiques, and vacation homes are eye-catching features of Gustavia, the main town and capital of the island of Saint Barthélemy (most often referred to as St. Barts), for travelers ready to drop some serious cash on their vacations.

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A rainbow in front of the entrance to the harbor of Gustavia, St. Barts.

Travel company Florida Panhandle featured the town as the most expensive travel destination after analyzing data from over 100 vacation spots. Their report considered the average prices for accommodations, flight, meals, and daily transportation, as well as the most common activities for tourists at each location.

Those looking to travel to Gustavia can expect to spend quite a lot of money, as their study found the average cost for a day of travel in the town is $1,852–without even counting the flight cost.

Gustavia’s expensive price tag is surprising to many, but comes with a more understandable explanation. Most of the goods on the island need to be imported, shooting their prices up a great deal. In addition, ultra-wealthy travelers have gotten in the habit of visiting, according to HuffPost, so Gustavia has established its place as a popular spot for visitors who can afford it.

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An aerial view of the bright blue waters, green vegetation, and red roofs of Gustavia, St. Barts.

Getting there is the first issue many potential visitors run into. Gustavia’s closest airport is the miniature Gustaf III Airport, which will cost you an average of $1,500 round trip from Miami if you decide to go in August. A price like that is on the low-end however, since Florida Panhandle’s study found that a roundtrip flight to the town from Los Angeles will cost you around $2,772.

Visitors who want to ditch the plane and cruise on the water can also arrive by boat and dock in the Gustavia Harbor, where they’ll be greeted by several multimillion-dollar yachts.

Costs don’t end there, however, as lodging also comes at a high cost. Study findings show that an average night’s cost (yes, one night) will cost you about $1,700.

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Large boats docked at Gustavia Harbor, St. Barts.

To some surprise, the town does offer free access to its fan-favorite beaches, including Shell Beach. After hitting its shores, visitors can explore St. Bart’s churches, mountainside hikes, and athletic lessons.

Visitors who came prepared can also shop at the town’s revered luxury boutiques, and later dine at their high-end restaurants, with meals costing an average of $58 each.

A trip to Gustavia may seem unattainable to many, but its “inner-circle” type of visitors has helped it cultivate a certain reputation among wealthy travelers. Next time you’re looking for a destination in the Caribbean and Gustavia catches your eye, make sure to save up some extra cash before booking your flight.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider, using data from a report published by Florida Panhandle.