These Famous Celebrity Grave Sites Are Worth Paying A Visit To

Coming around celebrity grave sites may appear like an unusual thing to do. However, for

Coming around celebrity grave sites may appear like an unusual thing to do. However, for a lot of genuine admirers, fans, and die-hard devotees, paying a visit to renowned celebrity graves is equal to conveying their warm regards and respect. Along with disheartening narrations of such famous personalities’ last days, their grave sites also possess profound meanings behind their groundwork of certain kinds. Keep your eyes glued to this article for a striking read.

These noteworthy figures are globally known to have transformed histories, given birth to new iconic learnings, and idolised thoughts that are respected by billions of people to date. These legendary figures are remembered with all hearts, celebrated and paid heavenly tributes. After all, they did add some change to certain lives at some point or the other. Most people do not land the perfect opportunity to greet their role models while they are still alive but nearly everyone can voluntarily convey their utmost feelings by paying a warm visit to their shrines.

These noble celebrity grave sites are divinely preserved marvels

So much as in death, there isn’t any room for relaxation for the famous and wealthy. Attending and glorifying fans and grave stalkers assemble from every possible place around the world to honour their admiration and drop by the grave sites of their treasured celebrities, and role models. When stopping over these celebrity grave sites many will hand down flowers, mementoes, coins or photographs. In spite of the presence of so many burial grounds in almost every corner of the world along with prominent cemeteries and gravesites worth stopping by, here are some of the most curious, popular and globally acclaimed celebrity grave sites which carry quite an entire book of the in-depth goosebump-worthy tales of each of these renowned humans.

In this contemporary era, we tend to consider beauty and death poles apart. As much as it could sound possibly weird but a glimpse at some of these most visited cemeteries around the world might simply assure any given traveller to believe the above statement, for the manner these grave sites have been flawlessly maintained to date. These 10 celebrity grave sites are no ordinary grasslands but truly spectacular shrines. While some are adorned by lush green trees, some are adorned with interesting and thoughtful details.

Princess Diana’s unforeseen death in 1997 caused a season of genuine national mourning. Plenty of flowers were spread outside Buckingham Palace as the citizens gathered to pay respect to “the people’s princess.” For all one knows, rightfully, Princess Diana’s for-real resting place is embedded far away from the public eye, on a small island in a lake in Althorp. There are very few who are possibly ever permitted to even step onto the island but mourners are duly permitted to pay a visit to the memorial positioned next to the lake.

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The Gothic charm of Père La Chaise cemetery in Paris is an abode to some of the most well-known celebrity grave sites in Europe, if not the whole world. The limestone tomb of Oscar Wilde illustrates a feathered figure, fluttering at an extreme speed. It is always coated with red lipstick kisses and also happens to be a lovers’ place for get-togethers. Presently, a glass curtain has been added to avoid any kind of visitors wrecking the tombstone.

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Westminster Abbey is the address to the monument and tomb of Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most significant and effective scientists in history. The monument is a true-blue treasure of 18th Century framework, built from grey and white marble. This gigantic marble gravestone to the legendary man counts a message that attaches science and religion as tightly as it could display. In reality, Westminster Abbey exists as one of the most famous celebrity grave sites including some of Britain’s notable personalities, including Chaucer, Elizabeth I, and Charles Dickens.

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The famously acclaimed poet, Britain’s most treasured author and playwright, is buried in his homeland of Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford is overflowing with Shakespeare-themed restaurants, shops, and museums, and you can have smooth access to both his birthplace and his shrine on the same day.

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Although Elvis Presley is regarded as the most popular grave in the entire world, Elvis Presley’s cemetery is placed in his Graceland mansion, also, it being on the grounds of second thoughts. When “The Kind” took his last breath in the year 1977 in August, he was first entombed in a mausoleum in Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis. But after an unsuccessful trial of stealing his body, he was buried in the Meditation Garden at Graceland. The Elvis Presley cemetery is also one of the renowned celebrity grave sites.

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One of the most highly regarded personalities to date, Walt Disney’s final resting place happens to be the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Following his last day, Walt Disney’s ruins were charred and a burial plot was additionally built in the eastern part of the park as a memorial. His parents, Elias and Flora, his wife Lillian, brothers Roy and Raymond and even his daughter Sharon are also preserved in this park.

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The vivacious Queen Elizabeth II, who took her last breath at the age of 96, and also reigned for the longest period, was reputably buried at St. George’s Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle. This happened to be one of the late Queen’s prized homes and where innumerable royals have been put to rest prior to her. St. George’s chapels comprise various sections and corners along with King George VI Memorial Chapel, which the Queen had certified after her father’s death.

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The meagre Jamaican village of Nine Mile is the native place, the final resting place, and also regarded as one of the popular celebrity grave sites considering the burial of the legend Bob Marley. A doorway complex treasures Marley’s childhood home, the Bob Marley Museum, and his mausoleum. There are proper guided tours encircling the complex and no photography is permitted inside the mausoleum. His fans surely can have a tour of the place but the tour shall last 3 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the most visited celebrity grave?

Answer: The resting place of Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis is probably the most visited celebrity grave site in the entire world.

Question: Where are all the famous people buried?

Answer: In reality, Westminster Abbey exists as the final resting place of some of Britain’s notable personalities, including Chaucer, Elizabeth I, and Charles Dickens.

Question: Where are famous celebrities buried UK?

Answer: Most of the renowned celebrities and famous personalities are buried in Westminster Abbey.

Question: What graveyard has the most celebrities?

Answer: Established in the year 1899, Hollywood Forever Cemetery exists as the final resting abode to most of the founders of Hollywood and popular stars.

Question: What is the most famous grave in the world?

Answer: The most famous grave in the world to date is Elvis Presley’s grave. The Elvis Presley, Graceland, Memphis, attracts more than 6,00,000 visitors every year who happen to be die-hard devotees of ‘The King.’