The World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel is Coming to Marfa, Texas l

When was the last time you took a trip down to Marfa, Texas? The artsy

When was the last time you took a trip down to Marfa, Texas? The artsy desert city in the state’s western end has an undeniable charm that’s been well documented in recent years, which is about to get furthered even more with the advent of the world’s first-ever 3D-printed hotel. Before you ask, no, this is not just a concept.

El Cosmico 3D Printed Hotel 1
Photo: BIG

This remarkable resort is courtesy of a famed member in the hospitality world Liz Lambert, 3D construction start-up Icon, and Danish design firm BIG, where innovator Bjarke Ingels Group sits at the helm. The Danish architect is no stranger to impeccable endeavors in hospitality, having designed a pair of renowned architectural wonders in the VM Houses and Mountain Dwellings, a couple of housing complexes based in his Copenhagen stomping grounds. For more background, Lambert is the founder of El Cosmico, a campground location in Marfa that has become a go-to for travelers. Accounting for its undeniable popularity, the collaborative effort sees the famous hotel recreated using innovative technology.

El Cosmico 3D Printed Hotel 2
Photo: BIG

At the moment, El Cosmic is 21 acres, and this expansion will nearly triple that, turning it into a sprawling 62-acre desert oasis with all the necessary elements that truly make a summer vacation, including a massive infinity pool kitted with cabanas and mesmerizing guest dwellings. Someway somehow, Icon’s highly capable, home-sized 3D printer will be in charge of churning out these jaw-dropping locations. The tech company’s signature construction system is based around the Vulcan printer and Magma portable mixing unit, the latter of which is responsible for preparing the building material: Lavacrete. This proprietary development was created by ICON’s material science team and has undergone serious testing to guarantee it’s built to last — just like any home should.

El Cosmico 3D Printed Hotel 3
Photo: BIG

And while Lambert, BIG, or ICON have yet to address exactly when we can expect this west Texas retreat to be available for booking, the latter two unveiled a massive structure made of the same remarkably strong Lavacrete material as the hotel. For a better look at what’s being referred to as El Cosmico 2.0, visit BIG’s website.