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Surveillance video from the Rodeway Inn shows Thomas J. Jackson knocking on the door to

Surveillance video from the Rodeway Inn shows Thomas J. Jackson knocking on the door to his room and then backing away, pointing a gun as if he’s waiting for someone to answer.

When no one opens the door, he goes to the front office to get a key. He returns to open the door and leaves shortly with a dog.

Left behind that Sunday, about 4 a.m. Aug. 9, was the victim, 19-year-old Angel May Carter, shot in the neck and bleeding just outside the door. 

Jackson, 40, arrested by homicide detectives and other law enforcement during a traffic stop Thursday afternoon after he left a home on North Wells Street, was charged Friday with murder and using a firearm to commit an offense. He was being held without bail at the Allen County Jail. 

According to a probable cause affidavit written by Fort Wayne Police Department homicide Detective Roy Sutphin, a witness told Detective Lorna Russell that she’d heard an argument, then a gunshot and someone yell “you (expletive) up.” 

Surveillance video shows Jackson leave with the dog, followed by the victim. Michael Carter, Angel May’s father, said Friday that the dog was a puppy named Oreo and belonged to his daughter.

Detective Sgt. Tim Hughes, head of FWPD homicide, called the shooting death “brutal and cold-blooded.” 

On the video, Carter is seen falling to the ground where police found her while Jackson stands near her with a gun in his hand. No one else is seen leaving the room, court documents said. 

Jackson walks to the west and then turns south into a crossover breezeway, court records said. He wasn’t seen until Thursday. 

During the investigation, a female witness told Detective Aaron Johnson that the gun came from another room at the inn. Jackson had apparently gone into that room to get the gun belonging to a “known associate” of his. 

That known associate told the gun owner that Jackson had used his gun to commit the crime, court documents said. 

Jackson has a court hearing Monday.  

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