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“Morocco, Land of Light”, an attractive slogan for a country that wants to boost its

“Morocco, Land of Light”, an attractive slogan for a country that wants to boost its tourism and promote its national attractions to the maximum. The image of the nation is now being disseminated in several countries as part of the international promotional campaign being carried out by the Moroccan kingdom. 

The Kingdom of Morocco is a “land of lights”, a “kingdom of light”, an eye-catching and attractive destination. The luminous self-image of the campaign highlights three aspects of the country: movement, inspiration and creativity. With this in mind, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) launched in April 2022 the initiative “Morocco, Land of Light” to place the North African country among the world’s most attractive tourist destinations and thus strengthen its image in order to attract all types of travellers.  

The ONMT has proposed the renewal of the country’s brand within the tourism strategy and through three specific brands: the corporate brand “ONMT – Tourism in Action”, dedicated to B2B (Business to business with the aim of commercial transactions between companies), the brand “Ntla9awbladna”, aimed at national tourism, and the current “Morocco, Land of Light”, in order to seek international promotion.  

“Morocco, Land of Light” aims to position Morocco among the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations, reinforce its image and attractiveness to international audiences, and make the country “fashionable”. 

The new brand had three components within the initiative presented: a visual identity for the Morocco brand, a large promotional film and numerous poster campaigns, which marked the start of the promotional campaign from April 2022. 

At the launch, ONMT Director General Adel El Fakir focused on the significance of the brand’s new logo. “Distinctive mark and sign of status, the seal gives a premium aspect to the identity and its oval shape brings a dimension of wealth, fertility and abundance that evokes hospitality,” he said, as reported by the official Moroccan news agency MAP.


Furthermore, El Fakir pointed out that light is the first thing that strikes the eye when discovering Morocco, indicating that it drives three things unique to Morocco and its people: movement, inspiration and creation. 

This unique brand, which aims to position Morocco in the top list of the most important destinations for travellers, is valid for the whole world and is adaptable according to different action plans, as the ONMT director general also explained. 


Morocco’s international promotion work is now exhaustive on the part of the Moroccan authorities. The director general of the ONMT Adel El Fakir himself, and the president of the National Confederation of Tourism, Hamid Bentahar, as well as other authorities, are taking part in an international tour to promote tourism in Morocco, as part of “Morocco, Land of Light”. He is currently visiting as many as 19 countries around the world. 


“The launch of this new international brand is undoubtedly an important moment in the history of the Moroccan National Tourist Office. Today, I and all the teams of the ONMT are proud to witness this paradigm shift. A change whose ambition is to sublimate our country, Morocco, and to capture all its contrasts,” said Adel El Fakir, as quoted by Rue20. 

Emblematic places in cities such as London, Madrid and Tel Aviv have been chosen as the backdrop for the ONMT’s promotion of the “Morocco, Land of Light” campaign. “The result has been more than marvellous”, according to the ONMT. The message of light, energy and creativity offered by the North African country can be seen in many corners of the world.  


As reported by the media Rue20, Moroccan creativity is shown through the work of artists such as the late master of contemporary art Mohamed Melehi, world renowned for his pictorial work with coloured waves, but also by young creators such as the painter Samy Snoussi, the international collective of dancers of the choreographer Steph H, the stylist Artsi Ifrach and a group of Gnaoua dancers from Marrakesh… 

The image of modernity and Moroccan traditions are intertwined in this advertising campaign to promote the national image. It shows the dynamism of Moroccan society, which respects and remembers its past heritage. The tourism campaign shows a resolutely modern and dynamic Morocco that privileges its ancestral heritage. 

Tourism professionals positively highlight this new advertising campaign, which has also been praised on social networks.  


The Moroccan tourism offer is marked in this strategy of the ONMT by three main axes. The first is to present the Kingdom’s beaches, followed by tourism related to sport, leisure and visits to historical sites. The last of these is to offer nature and adventure as one of the key points of travel to Morocco.  

Likewise, “Morocco, Land of Light” does not only aim to attract the typical public that visits the country, the campaign also seeks to attract younger tourists, which is why the audiovisual and digital element is so important in the campaign.