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Thursday, January 4, 2024


Miami Beach

Miami Beach was formally named the Leading Beach Destination of North America and the Leading City Destination of North America in early 2023, by the most respected organizations of the travel sector. At present, the famous destination has been identified as the Leading Lifestyle Destination 2023 of the World by the World Travel Awards, emphasizing the collection of awards and accolades of Miami Beach designated in the calendar year of 2023. 

As a diverse city with plenty of experiences to make for all types travelers, Miami Beach is home to a famous collection of public art, a wide assortment of galleries and museums, a choice of internationally-identified luxury hotels and spas and travel-worthy restaurants with recognized as well as rising chefs at the helm.

The Executive Director of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority, Grisette Marcos, said that it is a privilege for them to be named as the Leading Lifestyle Destination of 2023 of the world by the much-admired World Travel Awards after being identified in two earlier categories that signifies Miami Beach’s international appeal. 

Grisette said that they’ve continued to make news as a destination leader by endlessly working to display their city’s best attributes.

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