Indian Duo Covers 7 Continents In The Least Time

Indian duo Dr Ali Irani and Sujoy Kumar Mitra created a new Guinness World Record

Indian duo Dr Ali Irani and Sujoy Kumar Mitra created a new Guinness World Record for travel by covering all seven continents in under four days. You can read that again. Here are the details of their adventure.

Dr Ali Irani and Sujoy Kumar Mitra have successfully broken the world record for travelling all seven continents – Antarctica, South America, Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania – in the fastest time possible. According to a press release with Travel + Leisure India, the duo broke the earlier world record by almost 13 hours, before ending their journey in Melbourne, Australia.

Indian duo sets new Guinness World Record for travel

Guinness World Record
Image: Courtesy of @dralirani/Instagram

Irani and Mitra began their journey on December 4, 2022, in Antarctica, and ended their trip on December 7, 2022, in Melbourne. The two are avid travellers, and 64-year-old Irani has also served as a physiotherapist to the Indian Cricket Team, the release states. Being avid travellers, Irani has covered over 90 countries and Mitra has visited 172 nations.

Talking about this achievement, Irani said, “Travelling transcends boundaries and unites people around the world. Breaking a world record for something we both are so passionate about is a very satisfying feeling. We are humbled by this achievement and hope it will contribute in some way to get more people to travel and explore our beautiful world.”

The duo broke the earlier Guinness World Record for the fastest travel across seven continents by about 13 hours. The previous record, set by Dr Khawla AlRomaithi of the UAE, was 3 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds. This record was set in February 2020.

Mitra said, “It is an honour to be Guinness world record holders, but we also believe that records are meant to be broken. This journey may have ended but there are many more milestones for us to achieve.”

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You can check their Guinness World Record here.

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