Ice Skaters, Look To This Vermont Lake For The Longest U.S. Skate Trail

The Lake Morey Skate Trail is the longest skate trail in the USA, offering a

The Lake Morey Skate Trail is the longest skate trail in the USA, offering a stunning trail all around a stunning Vermont lake.

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The longest skate trail in the United States is the Lake Morey Skate Trail in the northern New England state of Vermont. Vermont is a stunning New England state and one that everyone should take the time to visit. Go north into Canada and discover the largest skating rink in the world – the Rideau Canal Skateway in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

Winter is coming, and soon it will be time to ice skate over some of the frozen lakes around the world. Make the most of the upcoming winter and have a fun day outdoors. Discover why Vermont is such a great destination in all the seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn, and winter alike.


Lake Morey – A Historic & Year-Round Destination

The village laying claim to the world’s longest skate trail is Fairlee, with a population of less than a thousand. Originally the Morey Lake was called the Fairlee Pond and was renamed in 1795 after Samuel Morey. Samuel Morey is famous for having been awarded a patent for the first paddle-wheeled steamboat that he built in his workshop nearby the lake.

Go in the summer, and one will find Lake Morey dotted about with boats and water sports. In the fall, the brilliant autumn foliage is on full display, with the forested hills around the lake transforming into a mosaic of yellow, orange, and red. In the winter, the lake freezes over, and Lake Morey develops the longest outdoor skate trail in the United States.

Outside of the winter, borrow a resort road bike and ride around the lake and find the hidden cottages dotted about the hillsides. In the summer, jump into the lake for a swim or a paddleboard. Hire a kayak or canoe from the resort’s boathouse along the lakefront. Licensed drivers can also rent a speedboat and enjoy a day of waterskiing or wakeboarding.


Lake Morey Resort & The Longest Skating Trail In The United States

Central Vermont and the area around Fairlee have been recreational destinations since the 1880s when the first summer cottages were built. A small hotel there, called Lake Morey Resort, was built in 1905 and enlarged over the decades.

  • Fee: Free To Use
  • Season: January to March (Weather & Ice Permitting)
  • Longest: Ice Skating Trail In The United States
  • Trailhead: Lake Morey Resort & Fairlee Town Beach

The ice typically freezes hard enough by mid-January, and the steep hills around the lake tend to block the harsh winter winds. When the ice is suitable, the resort brings out a tractor to clear the snow, and the 4.3-mile-long skating trail is recreated. The trail is maintained by Lake Morey Resort in partnership with the Upper Valley Trails Alliance. There are also a dozen smaller rinks in the interior of the lake.

Visitors should not expect a smooth skate. Strap on a pair of Nordic skates – they are designed for wild, ungroomed ice. The Lake Morey Skate Trail skirts the shores of the lake, offering breathtaking views and the odd bald eagles.

After having one’s full of ice skating, enjoy Lake Morey’s other winter activities. The other winter activities include pond hockey tournaments and ice fishing.

Before getting too excited and heading on over to the Lake Morey Skate Trail, check the daily ice report on the Lake Morey Resort’s Facebook page. The skating trail is free to use – although they do accept donations.

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Hire Skating Gear From Lake Morey Resort

Lake Morey Resort offers ice skate rentals in the Morey Room – just off from the main lobby of the resort. Rentals are available Monday to Friday from 11.00 am and on weekends from 10.00 am (although resort guests have access to rentals from 9.00 am every day of the week). All rentals need to be returned by 4.45 pm. The rentals are also free for resort guests.

Rental Hours:

  • Weekdays: From 11.00 am
  • Weekends: From 10.00 am
  • Returns: By 4.45 pm

The resort mostly rents out Nordic skates. Nordic skates have longer blades that are flat instead of concave so that they don’t cut into the ice as much. They are better suited for long distances on a rough outdoor ice trail. Hockey and figure skates, on the other hand, are better for grip for stops and turns.

Alternatively, the skating gear can be rented from the Nordic Skater in Norwich, VT. Visitors can also just bring their own gear and skate for free.