Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung: Worldwide Celebrations Happening For BTS’ V’s Special Day!

December 30, 1995, celebrates the birthday of our dearest winter bear Kim Taehyung or as

December 30, 1995, celebrates the birthday of our dearest winter bear Kim Taehyung or as we all know him BTS’ V! The talented singer who knows how to mesmerise us with his beautiful angelic voice and a face that can capture our hearts with just a look, his birthday is here and we are excited for what this day brings for us all.

As the world begins to prepare for his birthday weeks before and have him trending for days together, the year-end brings us our beloved V’s special day in this winter month and has us celebrating with events that will make it special for us all. While this birthday brings a bittersweet feeling as he celebrates it without his eldest hyung Jin this year, let us try to not let his smile go down any bit with our wishes for him.

As fans of the idol are working hard with events that can be enjoyed by others while showering love for our beloved Taehyung, let’s take a look at what has been prepared for this special day around the world.

Worldwide Celebrations Happening for BTS’ V’s Birthday!

Global Cafe Event by NUNA V

NUNA V is one of the most followed fansites and they are ready with a global event for fans in South Korea, Japan and Dubai with 6 V-themed cafes that are ready to bring the celebrations to the peak. Coming with a beautiful holiday vibe, these cafes are the go-to for this special occasion and are definitely not one to miss.

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Chinese Baidu V Bar

The Chinese BTS ARMY is known for its large-scale celebration for the members and this year is no different as they take another step forward for our beloved V’s birthday. Creating a small TaeTae in Seoul, this group is ready with photo booths, photo walls, and a film box filled with vintage decorations chosen by Taehyung himself.

Taehyung India Fanbase

The Indian BTS ARMY are also ready with various projects and events across the country, and one such event that caught our eyes is BTS’ V’s advertisement that is ready to display on India’s largest LED screens in Mumbai’s Infinity Mall from December 29th to 31st. A beautiful sight for ARMYs that is not one to miss.

BTS' V Birthday

Malaysian ARMY

The Malaysian BTS ARMY are once again showing the world why this fandom and the group as so loved by all as they choose to celebrate this occasion by adopting a Bengal Tiger from the Zoo Negara and naming it Kim Taehyung. The donation made by this group will donation provide food, enrichment and veterinary care. As the idol is often associated with a tiger, these ARMYs have provided protection for the animal as well as shown the world why we are so loved.

BTS' V Birthday

TaeTae Land

With BTS’ V’s birthday comes a period of time when you will find Seoul turning into TaeTae land aka Taehyung’s land as everywhere you turn you will find the idol’s face. Taking this celebration to the next level, this is the time between Christmas and New Year when you will see the city turn purple for our beloved winter bear.

These were only some events that are taking place around the world, but hidden behind these are the little celebrations that are taking place in many homes as ARMYs make sure to celebrate this occasion from everywhere possible. With heartfelt messages taking over Twitter, there is no way this is any less than a festival.

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