Carver Students Celebrate Diversity With a “Trip Around The World” | Dianna Carney

CES first-grade student Will getting his new passport photo taken at the CES Arts and

CES first-grade student Will getting his new passport photo taken at the CES Arts and Culture night.Photo byCarver Public Schools

(CARVER, MASSACHUSETTS) Carver Elementary School recently hosted its first Arts and Culture Night, and it was a night to remember! The event was a huge success, with approximately 600-800 attendees immersing themselves in different cultures through a variety of activities hosted by the CES Allied Arts team members. The event celebrated the diversity of Carver Elementary School’s community and the world while inspiring everyone to come together and learn about different cultures.

“Events like this one are a team-wide effort, and it was great to see our different committees and teachers partner together to host an event that truly recognized and celebrated our community members’ and the world’s differences,” Superintendent Knief said. “It was amazing to see everyone get involved and enjoy learning about different cultures, and I greatly look forward to hopefully attending this event in the future.”

Before the doors opened to all Carver Elementary School families, a Sensory Student Art Walk was held for those who may experience sensory overload in large groups. During the sensory walk, families had the opportunity to walk throughout the school to see other students’ artwork and classes decorated in honor of each continent.

CES sixth grader Harper getting their new passport photo taken at the CES Arts and Culture night.Photo byCarver Public Schools

The celebration consisted of “around the world” stations where students could experience unique cultural activities such as art, dance, and more. Some of these educational stations included an African dance workshop led by Abdou Sarr, a master teacher of Sabar and Djembe dances from Senegal, Native American stories read by book collection teacher Thompson, and even a virtual travel experience with virtual reality goggles led by technology teacher Kent.

In addition to these activities, second-grade students in each class participated in 15-minute “around the world” concerts. Each student had the opportunity to sing, sign, or play an instrument. Before each performance, students shared fun facts about different countries, including Morocco, Brazil, France, and Israel.

Those who attended Carver Elementary School’s first-ever Arts and Culture Night were also encouraged to explore all the different cultures on display by participating in a scavenger hunt led by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. The scavenger hunt involved traveling from classroom to classroom, with each room representing a different continent. Those who visited each continent received a stamp, and those who visited every continent received a passport photo. It was a fun and interactive way to celebrate diversity and encourage attendees to learn more about the world.

The night concluded with the fourth and fifth-grade CES Chorus performing the songs Al Shlosha d’Varmin (Hebrew text), Oye (Spanish text), and A Ram Sam Sam (A Moroccan folk song). It was a beautiful way to end the night, with the talented young singers filling the room with their voices.

“We were extremely excited to host a community event for students and families that celebrated all the different cultures that make up our community and beyond,” said Krampf. “We had a great turnout of family and students, and we couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has supported and helped us put this night together.”

Attendees participating in Abdou Sarr’s 20-minute African dance workshop.Photo byCarver Public Schools

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