A museum tip when visiting Amsterdam

I recently visited Amsterdam. When I decided I wanted to visit Amsterdam, there were a

I recently visited Amsterdam. When I decided I wanted to visit Amsterdam, there were a couple of things that were going through my mind. What I never want when visiting a new city or country is to feel like I’m a tourist. I mean of course I am in a sense always a tourist, but I don’t want to behave as if I’m one. That means that I don’t want to do all the touristy things. When going to London for example, I don’t want to be that typical tourist who is visiting the shard and the Big Ben, and then goes home. The same goes for Amsterdam. I don’t want to party all night long, visit the Dam-square and then leave. If you do this, you can never get a good sense of what a city has to offers. That is why I always ask the local where I should be going. This is how I ended up finding Moco Museum, and it was an amazing experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anybody.

Not-being that typical tourist

When I first landed in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I immediately saw an enormous poster of the Moco Museum. Not knowing what it is, I continue onward on my journey to my hotel. When I later asked a local what I should do, they said I should visit the Moco Museum. They even showed me a Moco Museum korting, meaning that they showed me a discount to the Moco Museum. As I was now feeling fully Dutch. I decided to go there. What I experienced was nothing short of wonderful. The museum is an amazing combination of contemporary and classical art. You can experience it with lights, mirror, and different effects, but you can also enjoy it alone in silence.

I highly recommend it

The Moco museum is not something you ever hear somebody talking about when they’ve visited Amsterdam. But I think more “tourist” should experience this museum. The museum lies very central within Amsterdam and is the perfect thing to do when the weather turns typically Dutch. If you want to visit iconic artistry from Dalí, Hirst, and Warhol, the Moco Museum is the place to be. Tickets are also not that expensive, and by the way, they also have some amazing merchandise. Going to this museum, I truly experienced what it is to be an “Amsterdammer”. If you want a memorable experience in Amsterdam, go the Moco Museum.