2023’s best travel city is Cape Town, South Africa

. TUX85 Shutterstock South Africa has triumphed over all competition and has been voted the




South Africa has triumphed over all competition and has been voted the best country in the world. The Telegraph Travel Awards 2023, a leading authority in the field of international tourism, presented this honor upon the country. The victory, however, did not stop there. Cape Town, the crown jewel of South Africa, has also ultimately stepped into the spotlight by winning the highly coveted award of Best City in the World.

This phenomenal achievement confirms South Africa’s standing as a premier travel destination that draws tourists from all over the world. South Africa and Cape Town have been recognized by the organization for their unparalleled natural splendor, cultural richness, and astounding experiences.

This resounding endorsement demonstrates the country’s unwavering commitment to excellence in tourism. As the world eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore South Africa’s wonders and bask in the beauty of Cape Town, South Africa’s position in these prestigious awards, which were determined by a dedicated readership of 27,000 individuals, is a testament to its compelling influence and enduring impact on international travelers.

The Telegraph pays tribute to extraordinary travel experiences and unforgettable destinations, and the annual Telegraph Travel Awards, organized by the publication, celebrates outstanding cities, hotels, airlines, and cruise lines, among other noteworthy entities.

Cape Town’s long history and international acclaim as a tourist destination have earned it the nickname “the Mother City.” Therefore, the city’s reputation for friendliness draws visitors from all over the world. From the top of Table Mountain to the sands of its beaches and the charm of the Cape Winelands, Travel Noire notes that this city has no shortage of things to offer visitors of all tastes and interests.

“We are thrilled and immensely proud that South Africa has been recognized as the ‘Best Country’ at the 2023 Telegraph Travel Awards, and our vibrant city of Cape Town has been crowned the ‘Best City in the World,’” Kgomotso Ramothea, Acting Hub Head for the UK and Ireland Hub expressed, according to Travel Noire. “These accolades are a testament to the remarkable experiences our country offers and the unwavering dedication of our tourism industry.”

“South Africa’s diverse landscapes, rich wildlife, and warm hospitality continue to captivate the hearts of travelers from around the globe. We extend our deepest gratitude to the 27,000 Telegraph readers who voted for us and invite everyone to come and experience the magic of South Africa firsthand,” Ramothea added.

According to Patricia De Lille, South Africa’s Minister of Tourism, the country welcomed 5.8 million international visitors that year.

These are the Telegraph’s list of the top 10 tourist destinations worldwide.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • Venice, Italy

  • Seville, Spain

  • Vancouver, Canada

  • Rome, Italy

  • Florence, Italy

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Kyoto, Japan

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

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