2023 tourism recovery predominantly visible

Thursday, January 4, 2024 Favorite Following the three-year pandemic, a lot of families have come

Thursday, January 4, 2024



Following the three-year pandemic, a lot of families have come up with ideas for this brand new year from the start of this year and are keen to travel with their families. This year’s tourism recovery has been especially noticeable. Club Med and Atlantis Sanya as part of Fosun Tourism Group attained their unsurpassed performance in the course of the equivalent period.

The business capacity of Atlantis Sanya during the initial three quarters of last year surpassed RMB1.3 billion, signifying an upsurge of around 83.2% equated to the identical time in 2022, thereby turning to be the principal driver for the retrieval of Sanya’s traditional tourism economy.

Taking advantage of this impetus, the company launched two Club Med Urban Oasis resorts in Nanjing and Taicang in China during the conclusion of the year to generate metropolitan holiday experience.

Specifically, Alps Snow Live in Taicang has obtained a lot of responsiveness and attractiveness since its inauguration and became well-known on the internet. It doesn’t matter how the world alters, Fosun Tourism Group continuously considers that people’s search for a happier life remains unaffected, and hence, the company will keep pushing in this course.

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