Day: September 11, 2020

FAIZAN ALI AND CIHAN COBANOGLU: Pandemic’s effect on religious tourism

Religious tourism is among the oldest forms of planned travel, and remains a huge industry.

About 300-330 million tourists visit the world’s key religious sites every year, according to a 2017 estimate. Some 600 million national and international religious trips are made around the world, generating around $18 billion in global revenues.

It makes up a sizable chunk of an overall tourism sector that has been significantly affected by the spread of the coronavirus, with 63.8 percent of travelers reducing their travel plans as a result.

As covid-19 evolved to become a global pandemic, governments across the globe closed sacred sites and temporarily banned religious travel.

It has affected popular destinations of all faiths. Jerusalem, Vatican City and Mecca–which attract millions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim visitors annually–are among the worst affected.

Likewise, Buddhist sites such as Nepal’s Lumbini Temple and India’s Mahabodhi Temple, as well as the Hindu temple

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